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Lorena 11.01.2017 22:57
Pat, thanks for sharing that great word-picture of what you found in Uganda. I lived in Uganda as a teenager for several years. What you describe would fit most East, Central and Southern African maternity units. There is tremendous goodwill towards the cultural norm of breeetfasding, but IBCLCs are still needed and I know that all help we can give would be hugely appreciated.

Nevea 11.01.2017 22:40
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Barnypok 05.01.2017 04:53
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WilliamastoK 03.12.2016 13:39
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Bob 18.10.2016 09:08
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Williams 09.10.2016 03:09
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German 08.10.2016 23:50
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Shelby 08.10.2016 22:07
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Ricardosear 11.08.2016 13:35
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